Consulting Services

Through discussions with many companies HCP has found that capital resources may not be the bottleneck preventing businesses from reaching the next level. In many cases, the most urgent resource requirement these growing businesses face is of the human variety.

Entrepreneurs generally have a close group of “advisors”, consisting of board members, lawyers, accountants and perhaps even friends and family members, who help provide strategic guidance.

HCP Consulting Services is designed to be an active member and not just “another advisor” to a company team. Whether the job involves reviewing and refining an existing business plan or creating and implementing a new one, you can be assured that HCP will be an engaged hard-working team member.

HCP’s dedication to helping companies enter new markets and channels of distribution has led to the successful acceleration of many growth plans. Our broad range of experience and wide reach of business relationships lend themselves to opening up new partnerships and alliances, and with them exciting opportunities.

Our consulting activity ranges from a single short-term tactical execution to helping companies reach long-term strategic objectives. Whatever the end goal, HCP always approaches its consulting in a practical unbiased way and always as an active member of the company team.