New England Academy, LLC

New England Academy is a private, special education school devoted to providing students the academic challenge and clinical support they need to succeed in school. They serve students in grades 6 through 12 with identified social and/or emotional disabilities. At the heart of New England Academy is a clear philosophy: students with social and emotional disabilities have the cognitive and academic ability to be successful in school, if they are given the skills to access their academic talents.

NextWorth, Inc.

NextWorth provides customized co-branded trade-in programs for national retailers, allowing them to assist their customers to upgrade to newer products more frequently, without taking on the inventory risk of liquidating the used products following their collection. NextWorth’s Great iPod Exchange allows its retailer partners a unique opportunity to offer to their customers an iPod trade-in program by providing a customized trade-in/trade-up end to end solution, including a web portal which provides a dynamic pricing calculator linked to NextWorth’s real-time pricing database.

US Media Partners, LLC

US Media Partners is one of the fastest growing bargain and remainder book wholesalers today. The organization's sole focus is to develop lasting partnerships with leading publishers in order to successfully address each publisher's unique overstock situation. US Media Partners specializes in creating and executing customized programs to best meet publishers' needs. The senior management team of US Media Partners has over two decades of industry experience in developing long-term solutions that better help the publisher to maximize its inventory value while carefully protecting its distribution channels.